18: Leading with Conscious Incompetence

Richard Branson does it. He walks into a room and checks his ego at the door. He doesn't need to have all the answers and actually consciously chooses to NOT have the answers.

Society would have us believe that leaders are the answer people. As leaders, we take that on and 'should' on ourselves to know it all. Maren & Stephanie discuss the toll this takes on us as leaders AND the adverse, downline effect on everyone involved. 

They also discuss 

  • what's between you and embracing a new, healthier, more empowering way of thinking of yourself as a leader
  • the impact of doing it all yourself
  • stepping out of the survival mode of 'need' 
  • how  'I know' stops growth and progress in its tracks
  • being open to the possibility
  • building a truly empowered team

“Listen more than you talk, no one learned anything by hearing themselves speak.” ~ Sir Richard Branson

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