21: Embracing the Unknown

You’ve checked all the boxes of leadership. 
You are a master of making things happen. 
And still there’s a voice inside saying, “there’s more”.  You KNOW there’s more, you’re just not sure how to get from the successful life you have to the one that’s calling you.

It’s time to move beyond the serial adrenaline rushes and create real, lasting, impactful change. In this week’s podcast, Maren and Stephanie address 

  • Not ‘fitting in’ to the model
  • Trusting yourself vs trusting what’s ‘out there’
  • Overwhelm and burnout
  • The brain’s speed limit
  • What’s beyond the rational mind
  • How to shut off the mind chatter 
  • The power of stopping & embracing the unknown

Are you ready for more?  More joy, more grace, more humor, more love, more compassion?

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