45: Giving as a Success Practice

What are YOU here to give?

What’s inside of you, that if you died, the music would be still there, left inside of you?

Is there more of your song yet to be played?

We consume, consume, consume, and we’re stuffed; we’re overweight, we’re overburdened, we’re overstressed. When we give, we actually make space in ourselves.

Today, Maren & Stephanie talk about giving and its relationship to our life mission, our success, and how we live, lead and love.  They share their own stories of becoming more aware of the ‘get’ mindset to which we’re trained and the ‘give’ mindset they are actively cultivating.

It’s time for us, as leaders, to be done with the conditioning that tells us we need more, ‘we’re not enough’, ‘there’s not enough’, ‘you’ve got to work harder’,  ‘you’ve got to work longer’, etc., and change the paradigm for everyone.

Join this discussion and explore shifting your process with the questions and practices they bring to the table.

It’s time to bring awareness to ‘giving’ to eliminate the subconscious loops that are running our lives behind the scenes. Let’s shift the inner together to create a higher version of the outer world we’re experiencing.

What’s your biggest takeaway from today’s podcast?

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