44: Exiting the ‘Success Trap’: Attracting from the Inside Out

You’ve done all the ‘stuff’. You’ve read the books, you have a coach, you’ve done all the work and applied everything you’ve learned… and it’s not changing. If anything, you feel more trapped than before. You wonder, what am I doing wrong? What MORE do I need to do? What’s wrong with me?

It’s not you. Society wired us backward. We’re taught to ‘do’ all the outer in order to ‘have’ and then to ‘be’. That’s a “chasing” paradigm and creates an endless unfulfilled loop. The good news? There’s another way, a better way, a more fulfilling, connected way.

As Maren shares in this week’s podcast, “If I wanted to capture a butterfly, there are two different ways that I could go about it. I could run after a butterfly with a net. Or I could build a garden that would attract butterflies.”

Maren and Stephanie share the shift that is necessary to create your own, internal butterfly garden, discuss levels of success and give the tools to allow you to stop chasing… and attract.

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