43: The Power of Intentional Community

What does community mean to you?
How much are you longing for connection with others, with yourself, with something greater?

As soulful leaders, are we asking the questions we really need to ask… how is our community? How are you connecting with our community?  Most importantly, what would it look like for all of us to be more intentional about creating safe spaces for both community and connection to grow and flourish.

Maren & Stephanie share several personal stories about their own communities, open up about their experiences with shame and vulnerability, and offer several questions to evolve consciousness.

Some of the highlights include:

  • 3:55 – it's the responsibility of soulful leaders to create intentional safe spaces
  • 6:31 – we are not meant to be isolated
  • 9:45 – money is crystalized time
  • 12:05 – community = coming into union
  • 14:20 – our life mission is designed for us NOT to be able to do it alone
  • 16:20 – I invited everyone in to see my (business) house was a mess
  • 21:15 – conditioning is not an excuse for bad behavior

Speaking of how perfection puts barriers between us… listen to Episode 39, “Matt Damon, Kintsugi and a Set of Dishes” where Stephanie and Maren dive into the lie of perfection.

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  • What are your goals – beyond your monetary, worldly goals?
    Your mental, emotional and spiritual goals? Your community goals?

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