42: The Secret to More Money and More Time


We all seem to want more time and money, that's the most common element that's discussed in regards to either… Getting more. Of both.

It's a core element to our society. Consumerism preys on it. It's the driving force of most of what we do.

So is changing the dialog even possible? Can you envision having the space in you life to experience 'enough' and 'fulfilment'?

Yes. It is possible to change this foundational discussion. The key? Knowing that it's an inside job. It starts with changing our consciousness.  Stephanie and Maren discuss this essential topic and give you three powerful exercises to evolve the inner dialog and raise your consciousness.

It's time for all of us to own our 'enoughness' to become the solution we ssek. Are you ready? The most important question you will answer this week is: are you ready to commit to your own consciousness practice?

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