Shifting Chronic Illness: Maren’s Healing Journey

Today’s podcast, on the surface, may seem like a departure from Soulful Leadership, and it’s not.  When you look closer, it’s leadership at its most powerful and inspiring. Maren opens her heart and shares how she followed the threads in her life and trusted her guidance despite her chronic breathing condition getting worse.

Maren & Stephanie had a different subject planned for today, and this exploration unfolded instead. Rather than stopping, both hosts trusted, stayed present and dove into the discussion. The result was a vulnerable, open, real (and RECORDED) discovery process.

Stephanie guides Maren’s sharing about her seven year journey with a gut issue that was shutting down her breathing AND the recent breakthrough that has shifted this chronic condition. The ripples of positive change continue to echo through Maren’s life.

This podcast is a real-time, authentic exploration. Anyone who has experienced ongoing pain or illness, or has simply been stuck in one place for too long will relate to, and get value from, the discovery, insights and gifts in today’s podcast. 

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Links Mentioned in the Podcast:

Cultivating Freedom (The Taylor Group)

Manifestation Course (Mike Dooley)

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Episode Transcript (PDF)