52: Year One: Reflection & Vision, Who Have You Become?

One full year of podcasting! 

To celebrate episode 52, Stephanie & Maren go on a journey of self discovery, taking the listeners with them in an engaging way. They share what has happened over the past year, how they’ve grown as people and their vision for their futures.  

As they delve into their own lives, they share their insightful questions, their own personal learnings, the things that have changed and what they’ve done to create the shifts they’ve experienced.

Change doesn’t just ‘happen’, it’s an intentional process. Join Stephanie and Maren as they pull back the curtain on their own practices and processes, what they do to show up each week in their hearts, and why it matters so much to each of them.

Sharing this journey is a discovery of love, and it’s nothing with out you.  Please share your insights from the past year  in one of our Soulful Leader Communities.

  • Who were you when you started listening, and who have you become along the way? 
  • What has changed and what do you want to change going forward?

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