53: Change Your Language, Change Your Life

Words are thoughts with enough intensity and energy to coalesce and be voiced, this gives them enormous power. We don’t give them much consideration and yet, they are the building blocks of our futures.


Yes. They are that powerful. And choosing them wisely is one of the fastest way to change your life.

It’s said that we have 60,000-80,000 thoughts every day – and 90% of them are repetitive. Which of those repetitive thoughts do you choose to honor with the power of voice?

Maren and Stephanie dive into this rich subject with their usual banter, fun stories and tools for the leaders in all of us. In today’s episode, they cover:

  • Flipping the leadership model of ‘fixing’ problems for others on its head.
  • The quickest, easies way to foster insight, inspiration and competence in your teams (children, etc.)
  • What it means that ‘something doesn’t “live” for us unless we have a word for it
  • How your language is keeping you stuck financially
  • Understanding the multiple levels of impact that words have –  like, “I’m poor” or “I’m broke”
  • Being truly in choice… or being held hostage by your language
  • Using language to shift to a different level of consciousness to solve the challenges in your life
  • Getting curious and playful and feeding our children’s curiosity (instead of diminishing it)
  • How choosing words can get you into flow

The practice that Stephanie shares at the end is simple, but powerful. It will allow you to stop the train of endless thoughts and call yourself into a more empowering future. As you play with it, please share the changes you notice in one of our Soulful Leader Communities.

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