54: Shifting Inner Poverty to Mine the Gold …Everywhere

“We default to self pity only because we haven’t learned any other way.” ~ Stephanie J Allen

Self pity is inner poverty and seems to come in two extremes:  hiding it or stuffing it. And leaders are NOT immune.

When you feel ashamed of the thoughts and feelings inside, you hide it, not wanting to even acknowledge the self pity you’re experiencing to yourself.  When you need comfort and acceptance, you broadcast it loud and clear to anyone that will listen “why me?”

Regardless of which shows up in any given moment, it’s damaging.

So what is the alternative? Is there a healthy way to handle losing a job or losing a loved one and all the real AND important thoughts and feelings and stressors that come bubbling up?

In this empowering episode, Stephanie and Maren discuss strategies for everyone, especially leaders, to shift the old way of dealing with problems and challenges AND provide ways to step into a new level of consciousness.

It’s time to start digging deeper and mine the gold within, to show up in true leadership by deepening the conversation. It’s time to step into our calling and embrace a new way of both doing and being.

Step into this lively conversation with Maren & Stephanie and walk away with a new, more empowered way of being in a world full of problems, challenges and disappointments.

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