55: Danger is Real, Fear is Optional: Can Your Mind Tell the Difference?

How often as leaders are we inspired, we gather our courage and go for it, an opportunity presents itself… and then a few days, weeks or months later we get plagued by the self-doubts, the fears, the ‘what-was-I-thinkings’? 

The itty bitty shitty committee comes up, and questions you… Are you sure? Aren’t you comfortable being the old you? Wasn’t the old you enough? Come on? But weren’t we happy?

You KNOW the answer, no, no you’re not happy. But your mind has confused fear with danger. The ‘knowing’ that you had starts to feel eroded and buried. You’re being derailed by fear. 

“I have an acronym for fear it’s-  false evidence appearing real.” ~ Stephanie J Allen

In today’s episode, Stephanie and Maren share their thoughts, tips, tricks and practices to move through the fear and get to the gifts on the other side. They discuss:

  • When you make space for something new and realize you are clinging to the old
  • Being stuck/stopped because you are tied to an identity 
  • Your value coming from what you do instead of who you are
  • Being overwhelmed by the details and creating a self-doubt spiral
  • The internal game of addressing fear
  • Employing empowering questions
  • You are the sum total of the 5 people…
  • Holding on tight vs opening to receive
  • Fear means your stepped out of your comfort zone
  • Controlling vs embracing the unknown
  • Steps to crafting your own process for shifting gears
  • Your comfort zone has to be sacrificed. It’s worth it.

Links to things mentioned in today’s podcast:

SPI Pro (this is an affiliate link, if this lights you up, let Maren know, she’s having a blast exploring community and podcasting with the group at SPI Pro)

Ep 13 Curiosity that Transforms: Empowering Questions (Episode mentioned)

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – Susan Jeffers (book mentioned)

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