56: Trust and The High Cost of Gossip

There are 4 levels of communication and most of the time we chatter away at levels 1 & 2. We talk about the weather, TV shows, people and events… it all seems harmless enough, we’re polite and fill space, or we vent to get something off our chests, and move on with our day. 

But is it really harmless? Especially for us as leaders… are we building the trust, the level of relationships, that we want with our teams, or even with our families or friends? Or are these conversations eroding and deteriorating the very thing we’re trying to build? 

Maren and Stephanie really pull this topic apart, examine it from all angles and ask some tough questions. Stephanie shares her own struggles and how she educated the people around her by setting a boundary and sticking to it. Maren brings in the 4 levels of conversations which leads to a great discussion including: 

  • examples of each level of conversation
  • the cost of both outer AND inner gossip
  • stopping to start
  • getting our needs met
  • the vulnerability of silence
  • the power of the pause
  • how to use questions to shift a conversation from one level to another – without shame or blame! 
  • creating conversations that deeply connect us, beyond time and space
  • the road less traveled

Link to the 4 Levels of Conversation article Maren references in this Episode:

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