76: Shopping with Intention with Erin Attere

This may be the most important episode we’ve done. As we head into the holidays, we are surrounded by the desire to gift our family and friends with love and kindness – an awesome thing to do! Yet our current consumer based ecosystem has taught us that giving ‘things’ is how we show our love and appreciation. 

In today’s episode, Maren & Stephanie talk to Erin Attere, a woman who left her 6-figure job in corporate America to change her life, her family’s life AND the lives of women worldwide. This powerful episode invites us all to think more deeply about how and where we put our money… are we spending it? Or investing it?

Erin shares her powerful story … one that will both empower and inspire you. She also offers an option for gift-giving this holiday season that can make a positive impact.

  • 0:00  What does it mean to shop with intention?
  • 1:20  What if it wasn’t about money? What if it was about being present?
  • 4:13  Letting go of 6-figures in Corporate America, why, for what and how?
  • 8:09  We’ve been conditioned all our lives to show up and be successful.
  • 14:22 Erin’s win-win-win.
  • 20:20 Letting go of your perfectionism.
  • 23:01 The journey to taking charge of your life.
  • 24:24 Who do you need to become to have the life you want to have.
  • 29:10 The ripple effect of being a role model for your children.
  • 35:01 The power of intentionality and sharing.
  • 40:28 The deeper intention behind YOUR holidays…

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The Great Uplift / 12 Days of Christmas

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