88: Repurposed with Love

Valentine’s Day – love it? hate it? 


It doesn’t matter because we’ve got vases, cats, 4 minute miles, and the secret to abundance… everything a leader needs to become the remedy for the world! 


Stephanie shares a story about her cat breaking a treasured vase, which then gets repurposed… yes, with love, by a client. Maren & Stephanie dive into this simple story and find treasure after treasure for all of our hearts.


If you are ready to give yourself a bit of fun today then put this podcast on your ‘to listen to’ list. Be sure to come back and share at least one of the places you’ve found in your own life that you could “repurpose with love”.

  • 00:41 Experiencing something you hold dearly shattering
  • 08:22 I was a sleek little caterpillar
  • 13:17 three gifts from one transformation
  • 16:24 The secret to abundance
  • 19:40 The 4 minute mile & the alchemical remedy
  • 25:02 Creating real change in our lives



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