99: Are You Busy Waiting?

Presence. What is it? And why does it matter?

It seems to be a buzzword these days, “be more present”. Why? What difference does it make, to you, to me, to our businesses, our marriages and families, our health. Could it really impact all of those things?

In short, yes.

Maren and Stephanie approach todays discussion from a slightly different perspective. Maren’s been exploring something her mentor mentioned, “If you are waiting for something you are not present” – which sparks a deep and rewarding discussion that spans from the super human ‘presence that seems to happen in times of extreme stress or beauty to practical presencing exercises to the magic that happens when you make space through presence.

“What I find with presence is as I practice it, I feel the space, I feel the possibility. It’s something that I want more of.” – Maren Oslac

This is a must listen-to episode that you’ll want to share with friends.

  • 00:41 If you are waiting for something, you are not present
  • 03:10 What is presence?
  • 08:38 Creating presence at will
  • 17:16 The easy way to sift through information overload
  • 18:30 Presencing practice
  • 20:37 Presence, space and creativity
  • 24:46 Healing – transforming body, mind & spirit
  • 33:09 You are worth it

“And one last thing. Yep, you are worth, all of us, everyone listening, everyone is worth being present to. You’re worth it.” ~ Stephanie J Allen


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