100: Commitment- The Tipping Point

There is power and significance in 100

It is literally a tipping point.

In today’s podcast, Stepanie and Maren talk about why that’s true and how we can all use it to help transform ourselves – and the world.  As they dissect and reassemble ‘commitment’ you’ll not only find inspiration, you’ll discover new truths and pathways for yourself.

Just a few of the impactful rabbit holes they go down…

~ What is the relationship between flow and commitment? And how can you use that to your advantage?

~ How can you tell if you are committed to struggle in your life? And what can you do to quickly shift it?

~ What is the power of 100? And how can you use it to not only transform yourself, but literally change the world?

  • 00:41 The practice of commitment
  • 05:11 Soulful Leadership – business from the inside out
  • 06:43 Turning commitment into transformation
  • 08:07 Commitment and flow
  • 13:14 Are you committed to the struggle, or the possibility?
  • 19:36 What is being offered?
  • 21:45 100th Monkey & morphic resonance
  • 28:31 Changing the world

This is a very special 100th episode. Please share it with friends so that we can uplevel ourselves and our world and connect to the possibility that is being offered to all of us.


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