115: Hustle Culture: The Never Ending Consumption Binge

Our ‘more is never enough’ culture has taken its toll. Personally we are in debt, worn out, overworked and mentally and physically ill. As a culture, ‘quiet quitting’ is rampant, businesses are closing and people are more and more disconnected and polarized. This is the cost, the backlash, to the rampant ‘more more more’, ‘push push push’ that has consumed us for years.

What we are experiencing is a reaction, not a solution. The good news is WE are the solution. Maren and Stephanie talk about this challenge that each of us faces and how we, as leaders, must tune into our ‘why’, our meaning in life, to make a difference – for us and for those around us.

Shutting off your phone, not going to work or saying I’m only available from nine to five are all great things, and they are only boundaries for a life that doesn’t have meaning. ~Stephanie

  • 00:42 The F’s that create more problems than they solve: fixing, forcing and figuring
  • 05:34 Doing something you love that nourishes you
  • 08:45 Making space for the quest, the questions that empower
  • 14:42 Responding instead of reacting to embezzlement
  • 21:55 Our vision: everybody on the planet’s outward work is their passion
  • 25:29 When a tree falls, it doesn’t ‘poof’ just disappear, it feeds the forest

Without the inner inquiry, when we quit, we also quit on ourselves ~ Maren

We hope you’ll join all of us at TSLP in choosing to make the space, do the inner work and transform the world in which we live.


Ticket to Paradise (movie 22:40)


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