128: End the Forcing, Fixing and Figuring – Step into Radical Flow

Today’s podcast is very different. It introduces a radically different approach to life – from business  to relationships to health and wellness.

What if you could live in flow with 100% absolute certainty that trustworthy guidance for what is next, how to achieve it and who to involve would always be there for you?

What if you never had to force, figure or fix another thing in your life?

Would you be willing to work on the skills necessary to make that a reality? To step into your personal Radical Flow?

Maren and Stephanie share an example of how they personally co-create their lives with spirit so that they are in flow – not forcing, figuring or fixing. Maren interviews Stephanie and together they go through several aspects of Stephanie’s life from the months of September and October that illustrate this different way of interacting with life, and what can be possible.

This is a new operating system with different tools and skills, a departure from the figuring and forcing model that dominates our world. It’s truly amazing what is possible when we step out of the world that has trained us – into a world of allowing, letting come and truly transcendent flow.

Stephanie and Maren have been studying this for decades and now they are sharing their tools and skills so that you, too, can be radically prepared, internally, to co-create an amazing future with life and spirit – and step into your ultimate flow state.

  • 00:00 Building life in a new way
  • 05:41 Exploring Stephanie’s World
  • 13:10 Changing your backstory
  • 18:18 Chronic Pain
  • 20:09 Beyond Judgment
  • 23:30 Up-Lifting Your 2024


Step into your Radical Flow –  The Great Uplift: 12 Days of Creation

  • 07:23 Rabbia poem (great Sufi mystic): I look everywhere for your love, then suddenly, I’m filled with it.
  • 16:04 Shelley quote: But doth suffer a sea change into something rich and strong.


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