127: Serendipity, The Lost Art of Discovery

We think of serendipity as luck, chance,and things just happening by accident.

It’s not.

Serendipity is actually an art, it’s the art of being such a good detective that you can predict what is coming, the future before it’s happened, and be prepared.

In this week’s podcast, Stephanie and Maren talk about this lost art and how to start developing these skills for yourself!

  • 00:41 What is Serendipity?
  • 03:31 The Three Princes of Serendip
  • 06:42 Observation, the secret of Serendipity
  • 11:17 Effort in the outer vs effort in the inner
  • 16:46 We’re here to live an uncommon life
  • 19:02 Detective work
  • 21:52 12 Days of Creation


11:17 Serendipity (movie)

17:27 Life Uncommon (Jewel song)

21:51 12 Days of Creation (future presencing program)


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