126: Your Soul Is Calling, Are You Too Busy

You wake up with a laundry list of things to get done, grab a cup of coffee and jump in. There’s no space to ask the BIG questions like, ‘is this what I’m on this planet to accomplish?’ or ‘Is this why I’m here?’ You’ve just got to get through the day.

What if we keep ourselves busy and distracted so that we feel important and don’t have to go any deeper?

What if society’s ‘chase’ game keeps us from the real meaning in our lives? Chase the next thing, the next accolade, the next accomplishment – and we keep chasing. The thing is, at some point, we get there. We achieve it all – only to realize none of it is what we were really seeking.

Do you want to find that out now? Or after years of chasing?
There is a shortcut.

In today’s passionate podcast, Maren and Stephanie show how listening to our soul’s calling and doing “what’s ours to do” is actually the shortcut to fulfillment – and it’s not just finding your meaning, but you get to live it abundantly, joyfully and spaciously!

  • 00:41 chasing the prize, busy with the next thing
  • 03:55 do all the work, or take the shortcut
  • 06:10 who is showing up?
  • 12:52 what worked in the past may not work in the future
  • 15:51 the one thing
  • 20:29 upgrading from the running thoughts and reacting
  • 27:11 from chaotic hot mess to guidance, graciousness and kindness

Where are you passionate and feeling called in your life?


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