125: Questioning Control, Life Beyond the Reins

Control, where does it fit into our lives? Does it serve us? Or is it holding us back?

In this week’s podcast, Maren and Stephanie have an open conversation about control that will have you looking more deeply at these questions in your own life.

We’re taught that control is the answer to all of our problems. If we could just get control over our lives, our teams, our eating, our bodies, etc. Control as an ideal is pervasive, especially amongst leaders. Yet there is a place beyond control that speaks to us of freedom. How do we reach that, and where might it fit into our everyday experience? Is our penchant for control actually keeping us stuck?

Step out of the ordinary and explore these ‘control’ questions, the power of imagination, living outside of time – and more. This is the perfect podcast for this Halloween night where it’s said that the veils between the worlds are thinner and anything is possible!

  • 03:16 leadership, control and Richard Branson
  • 08:07 outer control is false safety
  • 13:31 Imagination as a practice
  • 17:29 Spending or Investing your time, Become a Thought Pioneer
  • 23:51 The Power of living outside of time


14:04 Movie: Everything Everywhere All At Once


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