124: Stop Reacting, Own Your Zen

A reaction triggers a reaction, which triggers another, and another. As leaders, this can turn into an out of control snowball. How do you get it under control? Even better, how do you keep it from happening in the first place.

Problems, attacks and blow ups often end with blaming, shaming and an adrenaline fueled internal running commentary. All that energy needs to go somewhere – lashing out at someone else, or being internalized. Regardless, it’s a lose lose.

The good news is – it’s just a pattern, and patterns can be broken.

Stephanie and Maren have a spirited discussion about this critically important subject. They share their own stories along with great insights, ways of shifting perspectives (and patterns) and practical tools to set up a new modus operandi so you can own your Zen.

  • 09:54 Chain reactions: the inflammatory response – external and internal
  • 19:18 Peace is a side effect – The Ox & the Monkey Story
  • 24:00 Replacing judgment with compassion, changing how/where we get our dopamine hits

“I don’t want to get my dopamine hits from blame and shame and not being good enough anymore. I want to get my dopamine hits from joy, and beauty, and love instead.” – Maren Oslac


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