123: Procrastination: The Hidden Gem

“If I’m still for a moment, I’m procrastinating – and I feel guilty.” How often have you thought that?

Our culture worships ‘doing’ and ‘being busy’. There are volumes and volumes of books, blogs, vlogs and more on how to beat procrastination. You can’t turn around without bumping into one.

What if they, all those talking heads, aren’t quite right? What if we are actually keeping ourselves so busy in our lives that we never get a chance to look inside, to be with ourselves, to learn who we really are and what we want? What if procrastination, stopping for a moment, being still, were actually a benefit, something to be cultivated?

In this entertaining episode, Stephanie and Maren

  • expose multiple adverse affects around the conventional ‘wisdom’ that procrastination is a bad thing to be expunged
  • share the benefits of pausing in your life
  • Teach you how to build a practice that will increase your ability to manifest, build resiliency and allow you to be truly prepared going into the unknown

The only way to hear your inner guidance is to stop. Somebody on the outside might call that procrastination, it’s not. It’s being present. ~ Maren Oslac

  • 00:41 strong and  willful and still procrastinating
  • 05:39 benefits of being, and staying, busy
  • 06:53 cost of believing the lie that procrastination is bad
  • 08:08 manifestation as a spiritual drive thru
  • 13:20 darkness holds all possibilities
  • 16:33 true resiliency and preparedness, the inner game
  • 20:14 transitions practice


06:17  Ep 86 Your Inner Pharmacy


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