122: Beginner’s Mind: The Path of Mastery (Challenging Old Leadership Beliefs)

Leadership = have all the answers and prove yourself over and over.

Why is this old thought process still SO pervasive??? It’s not only backwards, it’s outright damaging – to everyone involved. It keeps us stuck and eliminates all possibility. It’s 100% tied to the ego and excludes all the latest, amazing research on what great leaders REALLY do or how to become masterful at anything. Yet it’s still what is taught.

Richard Branson asks questions of those that he leads, he doesn’t answer them. Showing up WITHOUT the answers, in a place of not knowing, that is Beginner’s Mind, that is the place of possibility, that is where mastery lives.

Stephanie recently did something that’s been on her bucket list for 30 years which led to this fascinating conversation with Maren about the power of beginner’s mind, including how to access it, how to cultivate it and the amazing transformative power that it wields.

Be sure to listen to the end as there are a few life changing practices tucked in like hidden gems. This is a short and powerful podcast that is worth listening to a few times.

  • 01:18 30 Year To-do’s, Scuba & Metaphors
  • 10:30 The crazy is out, options for meeting it
  • 14:48 Letting go of the Ego
  • 18:05 Getting to the subtle levels
  • 22:40 The facilitation of pure magic in your life


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