121: The Right Side of Forty with Dr. Rosie Ross

Have you ever felt like you’re on the wrong side of 40? Or actually been told that you are? Today Stephanie and Maren interview Dr. Rosie Ross about midlife, transitions and what it means to honor ourselves at every stage of life. Dr. Rosie is not only a woman with a powerful message, her inspiring story will have you sitting up and taking note.

Dr. Rosie’s passions around educating people, health literacy and empowering women shine through as her incredible story unfolds. Maren & Stephanie have fallen in love with her and you will, too.

“I was going to make it and I was going to strive to make a difference in my little corner of the world with the people that I serve.” ~ Dr. Rosie Ross

  • 10:23 Rosie’s story of passion
  • 19:37 Everything went sideways, angst and nourishment
  • 26:31 Needing each other, the vulnerable parts
  • 31:34 Thesaurus.com: midlife – the wrong side of 40
  • 33:14 Owning your power “we have no idea how far those ripples go”
  • 40:30 Why this book? Candid conversations to get past the taboo
  • 44:15 The hilarious JoAnne and Middle Tire Disease
  • 48:29 Men in our lives
  • 51:37 Ten Commandments of Stress

“We’re here to live our best powerful version of who we are.” Dr. Rosie Ross

Dr. Rosie Ross – MBBS(Hons) BHSc (Nat Med) FRACGP

Dr. Rosie Ross, sought-after midlife women’s health expert, is an award-winning Medical Doctor, Herbalist, Author, Speaker, and Integrative Health specialist. Dr. Rosie is truly passionate about women’s wellbeing and powerfully changing menopause education through health literacy and integrative medecine approaches. Author of Approaching the Pause: Candid Conversations on the Journey Towards Menopause, Dr Rosie breaks down the barriers to talking about the sometimes-embarrassing topics of midlife menopausal changes.


34:37 Leading with Beauty w/Deanne Fitzpatrick – Podcast Ep. 87

40:30 Approaching the Pause – Dr. Rosie’s Book


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