120: Our Process: An Ongoing Co-Creation

There’s a formula for how things are done. At least that’s what we’re told, what we believe. If we just learn, and follow, the ‘right’ formula, we’ll be successful. So we try. We spend our time and money on the next quick fix, the next sure-fire thing, the next “10 steps to…”.

As leaders, this is exponentially true for us because we’re expected to have all the answers. The problem is that the answers we’re buying are all from the past. They won’t work where we’re going, and we are already seeing the evidence. So where do we turn? The truth is, the answers are not ‘out there’, the future is calling to each of us and we are being asked to connect, be present and learn to co-create with the future itself. 

What does that mean and where do we start?

Today Maren & Stephanie go through their unusual creative process, for both this podcast and their businesses, which strays far off the beaten path. They share their Leadership that goes beyond the formulaic teachings into the wisdom of the incoming future.

If you are ready to break out of the old scarcity modes and reactivity cycles, to become abundant, agile and responsive, to be present and co-create with the future that wants to happen, you will love today’s podcast. Maren & Stephanie’s process makes space for the brilliant breakthroughs and creativity that have been stuck and waiting for YOU to hear them!

  • 06:25 The Power Partner, getting help curating
  • 09:45 Overwhelm or trust and allowing
  • 13:17 Receive and be guided and it’s playful and fun
  • 18:01 Act now or it’s gone or a higher form of leadership
  • 26:58 Creating your life with a loving presence that is here to help


10:57 Ep 37 “to You” or “for You”: How to Make Shift Happen

21:32 Ep 103 Success: Straight Line or Meandering Road Stephanie’s full “help me through this or take it from me” Mantra


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