143: Finding Your Flow- Steel Energy

Did you know that asking the question ‘how?’ can be dangerous? 

It’s probably the most common question we ask, especially as leaders, and it can destroy the very things we seek to create.

  • How will he get that done? 
  • How do we find more clients? 
  • How will I make 7 figures? 

All great questions, and it’s essential they are asked in the right timing. When the timing is wrong, it’s actually debilitating.

In today’s podcast, Stephanie and Maren talk about the 4th of Energies, the Steel Genius, those who love the question, ‘how?’. The past four podcasts, have explored why it’s important to understand each unique Genius as well as the ‘What?’, ‘Who?’ and ‘When?’ questions those Geniuses' ask. Today Maren and Stephanie reveal the power of the ‘How?’ question and discuss using that power responsibly -to build rather than destroy.

  • 01:06  Steel Energy – the misconception
  • 03:42  Using the ‘How?’ question safely
  • 06:48  Undervalued and underestimated
  • 07:13  Chinese medicine for Steel
  • 08:39  Introvert? Or Extrovert?
  • 11:31  Why this system is unique
  • 13:08  Free Genius Test

This series includes:

Ep 139 explores the role of profile tests in our lives and businesses – how best to use them to get real traction, and the profile test that Stephanie and Maren use as a tool in their own business and with clients.
– Ep 140, 141, 142 & 143 dive into the different Genius energies -Dynamo, Blaze, Tempo and Steel.
– Ep 144 brings it all together with the ‘Why’ element.
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13:08  Free Genius Test


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