144: Stuck? Elevate Your View & Step into Flow

Do you wake up to a to-do list already waiting for you? Do you ever feel stuck in the life you’ve created?

It’s possible that you are not in flow. One of the quickest ways to step into flow is by starting to live questions instead of answers. This seems counter-intuitive. It’s not. As a child you knew this – your natural state was asking questions – and then you got conditioned out of it.

Questions, especially the question ‘why’, elevate our view and open up space for the potential of the future to enter our lives.

Stephanie and Maren are passionate about this subject and have a vision of every person on the planet stepping into the full potential of the amazing future that is possible. Today’s podcast reflects, and exands on that passion.

Maren and Stephanie cover everything from clear illustrations and visuals of the power of elevating one’s view, to connecting the question ‘why’ with its element of water (flow), to practical ways to get into flow and use questions to quickly transform your life.

This is a perfect podcast to complete their 6 part series on getting into Flow – both personally and professionally. You can find all 6 episodes on the Flow page of their website.

  • 01:06  ‘Why’ is the elevation point, the top of the pyramid
  • 04:04  Creating from the future (potential) instead of repeating the past (what’s known)
  • 07:50  ‘Why’ and the water element –  resiliency & flow – chinese medicine kidneys
  • 10:11  The higher view in business, connecting disparate parts
  • 11:44  Connecting to our calling, embracing the Yin energy of ‘why’
  • 13:28  Leadership – going beyond the need to have the answers
  • 15:14  How to use ‘why’ to open doors

This series includes:
Ep 139 explores the role of profile tests in our lives and businesses – how best to use them to get real traction, and the profile test that Stephanie and Maren use as a tool in their own business and with clients.
~ Ep 140, 141, 142 & 143 dive into the different Genius energies -Dynamo, Blaze, Tempo and Steel.
~ Ep 144 brings it all together with the ‘Why’ element.
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04:05 Daniel Goodenough & HuPerson Project

18:44 Free Genius Test


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