Season Break

Welcome to the Soulful Leader Podcast.

This week we’re mixing things up.

As leaders it’s easy to get into a rut. We are SO dedicated to what we do and we show up – rain or shine. And that consistent showing up, it changes us.  Often we forget to look around and see if what we’re doing still fits the ‘new’ us.

Our teacher, Daniel Goodenough, says that “what we do changes who we are, which changes what we do, which changes who we are”. In order for that change to actually happen, each part of the equation needs to be done with intention, and attention – including stopping to evaluate and make those changes that call us along the way.

This week and next week are dedicated to our evaluation of the Soulful Leader Podcast. We’ve produced one podcast per week over 144 weeks without fail. That’s almost 3 years. 

Season One of the Soulful Leader Podcast is a complete octave. (144 has also been called the God Frequency. This article on Medium talks about all the fascinating correlations of 144.)

Although it’s unusual for a podcast ‘season’ to stretch beyond a year, it’s not an accident that we were drawn to feel closure on our first season at 144 podcasts. 

AND – this is not the end for us.

We’ve already begun working on Season Two and we are super excited. 

Season Two is the next iteration. We are digging further into the question – what is a Soulful Leader, we’re interviewing more people with diverse backgrounds, we’ve expanded our reach and we’re including more from you, our Soulful Listeners.

We are so grateful to be on this journey with you and we have two ‘gifts’ for you while we are off the air. We hope you’ll take advantage of both of them.

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While we won’t be on the air this week, we are still available via email and on Facebook and LinkedIn. We’d love to hear from you.

Look for us in your inbox again next week, and then on-air in April.

In Gratitude,

Maren & Stephanie