24: Reclaim Your Energy

Why are you exhausted at the end of the day, or even at the end of a meeting? 
Is being tired just 'normal', just 'how life works'? 
What if it's actually NOT normal, NOT how life actually works? 
What if you could be energized by living your life???

When an iceberg flips, it releases as much energy as an atomic bomb.  Stephanie and Maren apply that analogy to our lives, our leadership beliefs, our relationships and even our personal healing in this week's podcast and release the energy.

Society teaches us that what we see is the whole story even though 90% of reality is in the unseen. Our lives, including our leadership, are fully based on this belief.  This old way of thinking is taking its toll, on us and on our planet. 

It's time for a shift. It's time to flip the iceberg. It's time to reclaim our energy.

Join us for this fascinating discussion including:

  • clear examples
  • practical practices
  • compelling questions to ponder 

What would you do with an atomic bomb worth of energy?

Join the conversation and connect with us. Share your thoughts!

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