25: Getting to Attraction

Which would you prefer: to attract or to promote?

You might say “attract, of course” but your conditioning will lead you otherwise.  Attraction requires allowing and you don’t even allow yourself a compliment. Society teaches us that our value is based on what we DO, how much we effort, push and promote.

You KNOW this, and you may not even notice the price, the very hefty price, that you are paying in your life: your relationships, your health, your sense of self-worth and even your sanity.

You are a leader who has mastered the ‘doing’, who has paid the price.  Are you ready for a different way? A way that is rooted in beauty and gifts and collaboration.

Maren and Stephanie share a few stories of shifting from the old (make everything happen) to the new (become the attractor) as we head into December, a month that embodies both consumerism (the outer) and the sacred (the inner).

A few highlights:

  • The difference between goals and intentions
  • Doing at all costs.  But, what are the costs?
  • The conditioning of 10% thinking …and the alternative, using the 90%
  • Maren’s studio story and the price she paid
  • How the UPS angel can find you, and why she hasn’t yet
  • Turning moments of joy and awareness into BEING aware and joy filled

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