27: The Great Uplift – Transform the Holidays, Transform Yourself

Do you find that you need a holiday from the holidays? 
Are you exhausted from the “more is better” consumerism? 
Have you felt a longing to connect with the deeper meaning of this sacred time of year?

This week, Maren and Stephanie have a treat for you. They share a practice every leader will want for themselves, their family and their teams. It not only rejuvenates and transforms Stephanie and Maren, but allows them time and space for discovery, support, growth and transformation both now and for the whole next year.

  • What if you could connect to yourself, recharge your battery and start each day with energy and vitality?
  • What if you could set up the best year of your life for 2022 by simply being more present for 12 days?
  • What if you could honor each of the season’s twelve days and the results were more space and enjoyment throughout the holidays?
  • What if the most magical 2022 were just waiting for you to connect with it now?

You are all invited to join the Great Uplift: The 12 Days of Christmas. It is completely free, you just need to register before December 21st.

Visit the website to register today: