28: Winter Solstice: Regeneration & Re-Ignition

How can acknowledging the shortest day of the year completely shift your next 6 months?

This week, Stephanie and Maren discuss how disconnected we've become, what it would take to tune back in AND how doing so can shift the entire paradigm of both your life and your business.

Nature goes inward this time of year so that she can blossom in the spring. What could you, as a leader, learn from her process?

For the most part, society and businesses recognize importance of the 'daily cycle' (the awake/outward time and the sleep/inward time). What about natures other cycles?

The lunar cycle (monthly) or the solar cycle (yearly)? Can they be useful beyond outwardly tracking financials, setting and achieving milestones or new year's resolutions?

Could all of this be the keys to shifting our increasing personal and collective ailments?

Listen in and then join the conversation!

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