34: Creating a life of Surprise & Delight

Do you feel like you’re always ‘behind’, chasing, trying to just catch up?

Are you stuck in a cycle of goal, achievement, new goal, chase, strive, etc?

Do you feel burnt out & overwhelmed?

***It's time for a new way of doing … and being.***

Most people don’t last two weeks with their new year’s resolutions. There’s even a name for the 2nd Friday in January – it’s called Quitter’s Day. Ugggg. WE are not the problem.

The reality is, the way we’ve been taught to set and achieve goals is lose-lose. Yes, it's true.

Maren and Stephanie share some amazing insights that will flip the way you use goals and goal setting to something that's helpful and life-changing. Are you ready to get out of the rat race and into true happiness and achievement?

In this episode, they share:

  • The difference between goals & intentions
  • The disease of high-achievers
  • Using goals to support us instead of deplete us
  • Getting to non-attachment
  • Switching our goal dyslexia so that we can have everything we really want
  • Creating a life of surprise and delight

Join their 1 month Inner Mastery Course starting February 7th. 
Learn more secrets to shift from the old way of ‘do in order to have and be’ to the new, impactful, engaging and energizing way of ‘be in order to have and do’.