40: Getting Unstuck with Jake Lang

You have that moment … you feel stuck, you've lost your mojo and you are most certainly out of flow. What do you do?

Today's guest is a master of getting unstuck. Meet Jake Lang of The Entrepreneur Ride Along. He has 8 successful online businesses, is the author of Step One and he's now helping others find the keys they need for their 'next step'.

Throughout his success journey, he's documented what's worked and what hasn't, AND he shares it all, including interviews with other entrepreneurs' about their journeys.

How does he share his wealth of knowledge? Through his podcast, The Entrepreneur Ride Along, in his book, 'Step One' and on his website.  He  has reinvented himself, and his businesses, multiple times, and is now focused on helping others to do the same.

Are you…

  • Stuck in a traditional job that doesn't fit?
  • Climbing the ladder, wondering if it's on the wrong wall?
  • Stuck in your business staring at a blank wall?
  • Not able to find your own 'flow' in life?

Then today's podcast will inspire you… and give you some direction.  

Jake is a consummate creator and an open book. He's not afraid to fail, he's happy to share what went wrong …to help you learn.  Join Maren for this fun and inspiring interview with Jake Lang and learn:

  • how to make sure you are either earning or learning
  • the joy of failing forward
  • clues for finding your flow space
  • how orchids inspired Jake
  • what Jake does to keep him in a positive, moving forward attitude

Be sure to check out Jake's podcast, The Entrepreneur Ride Along, his book, 'Step One' or visit his website TheEntrepreneurRideAlong.com.
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