64: The Intuitive Therapist w/Peter Stuart

Sometimes you hit a brick wall and don’t know where to turn. As a human, this can feel overwhelming, as leaders, it can feel threatening.

That’s where this week’s guest, Peter Stuart, excels. After experiencing that angst personally, multiple times, he dove fully into learning how to see what’s behind the curtain. When all roads lead to a dead end, there is an answer …and Peter found that one of his gifts listening to that answer, making the space to hear what’s going on behind what appears. 

As a therapist, his specialty is chronic pain and he works with people who have tried every  avenue and have not yet found relief. As a teacher, he’s sharing what he’s learned not only to help other therapists to become better at their craft, but to empower all people to listen to themselves.

Stephanie and Maren were honored to talk to this man who lives in his heart and walks his talk. The process Peter goes through with his clients is the same one he goes through with himself. 

They are excited to share this powerful interview which dives into everything above as well as:

  • Sir Thomas Moore’s decision NOT to become a monk after 7 years of study, and why that’s important
  • The journey to business as ‘unusual’ and not sacrificing income for impact (or visa versa)
  • The body is a self correcting mechanism, so what is getting in your way of healing?
  • How an aversion to oil led Peter to find his real passion
  • We all have that innate ability to really listen to our guidance, so how do we clear out enough space to really listen?
  • Healthcare means health in mind, body, spirit and emotion.
  • Reading the book of life.
  • How Peter’s ADHD diagnosis and ‘bumping into things’ were his advantage, and his advice to others who have been diagnosed, or told they weren’t good enough.
  • Being at home in your heart.

Peter also generously shares a beautiful, powerful and empowering practice for breathing into your heart (link to guided meditation).

“Breath is confirmation of how much you are loved.” ~ Peter Stuart

Guided Meditation: Excerpt from Podcast
September’s Workshop:  The Intuitive Therapist
Peter’s Website:  StuartSeminars.com

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