63: Living a Life of Meaning

Do you have a niggling sense in the back of your mind telling you ‘there’s more’? 
More to life, more to why you’re here, more to working than making money so that you can retire? 

Stephanie and Maren both know what it’s like to have that itch, that knowing, and they’ve invested most of their lives exploring it, getting to know the voice and developing an ongoing conversation with the meaningful life that’s been calling them.

While the Soulful Leader Podcast, as a whole, is built to spark and engage the inner calling in each of us, today’s episode speaks directly to reminding us that we are here for a reason and how we can go deeper into our own personal meaning.

“I found for myself that when I step into my calling fully, 100%, the most amazing and magical things happen, not just for me, also for the people around me.” ~ Maren Oslac

A few highlights from today’s episode:

  • Maren’s gift… wrapped in frustration
  • Getting reminders WITHOUT the shame and blame game
  • Beyond the need to fix something, or judge it
  • What somebody else thinks of you is none of your business
  • People are as bad as we need them to be
  • Change IS scary, that’s real
  • Being enough …AND having room for more
  • Sometimes it isn’t about developing, it’s uncovering or unfolding
  • We’re meant to learn, and then unlearn
  • The minefield of changing those we love
  • Talking to yourself with compassion

“There is a way to evolve with love, and meaning and purpose, and joy and abundance, and liking and loving yourself though it.”  ~ Maren Oslac & Stephanie Allen

Our question to you this week: 

What is the gift that showed up in your life this week, beautifully wrapped in a complaint, a frustration or a challenge, and what gift did you get out of it?

Link to episode 13: Curiosity That Transforms: Empowering Questions

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