72: Want More? Give More. Shifting Your World with Generosity

Have you ever looked under the hood of ‘generosity’? 

  • What does generosity mean to you? 
  • Why does it matter? 
  • Could you be ‘generous’ with yourself? 
  • How might that impact your life? Your business?

This episode was recorded soon after the week that hurricanes Ian & Fiona impacted Canada and the USA. Often tragedy brings out the best in humans and today Stephanie and Maren discuss the generosity Stephanie experienced… and then some. They fearlessly address both the concepts AND practices of generosity.

  • Generosity as a practice in business
  • The fear of asking for help – and it not being there
  • Giving back shaped Stephanie’s life – inwardly and outwardly
  • The practice that will shift you out of living in ‘lack’
  • Real generosity – giving without knowing the impact
  • Accepting the generosity of others
  • The being-ness of generosity
  • Starting with being generous with yourself

They end the episode with a wonderful Practice of ‘I Am Enough’. As you sit with that this week, share what comes up for you in the Facebook or LinkedIn group!

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