73: Sacred Relationships with Stu Murray

Who are we beyond what we do?

When Stu Murray almost died and lost his career, and his identity, as a pro footballer, he made the choice to find out. His amazing journey led him to become a leader, lover and visionary… from the inside. 

What a beautiful podcast. We had the honor of interviewing Stu this week. We talked about everything from what defines a leader, to relationships, to yoga, to his mission to change the education system.

Everyone will come away from this podcast with their hearts a bit more open. 

  • 3:59 our unknown impact in the world
  • 7:19 Stu’s life – changed forever 
  • 12:34 yoga as a transformative practice
  • 16:00 black and white thinking
  • 19:30 you’ve achieved everything …and still feel empty
  • 23:30 repressed patterns that govern us and the tools to change it
  • 29:21 how we work against ourselves to stay ‘safe’

“It’s funny because connection is what we desire. And yet unconsciously, we perpetuate disconnection in order to try and keep ourselves safe.” ~ Stu Murray  

  • 32:09 sacred relationships
  • 36:15 India, changing education and connecting to the voice within
  • 42:18 the direct path to changing the education system

“I want to see the silos of education, the math, the science, I want to see these blown out of the water and create days for kids where they can be led by their passion, led by their curiosity, and led by their drive to make a difference in the world.” ~ Stu Murray

  • 46:26 contact Stu



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