80: Lead From Meaning

Is your holiday season a mad sprint to do all the things, see all the people and tick off all the jobs?

There is still time to do it DIFFERENTLY this year.

What If you took a half step back, tuned in, then re-engaged on your terms?

As a leader, you’d empower all those around you to do the same, you’d be leading from meaning; from a centered, internal compass.

Stephanie and Maren help all of us shift our holidays and traditions to something supportive and empowering. They also share an option for creating a very different 2023! 

  • 00:41  unfolding the past year with presence and love, creating an amazing 2023
  • 02:10 The why of traditions, and how they mess with us
  • 06:43 there’s nothing that will break open the heart of world faster than a question
  • 11:38 What would you be doing if you weren’t …
  • 15:52 Who are you when no one’s looking?
  • 20:53 Life wants more for us than we can ever imagine.
  • 25:11 What will lift you into 2023?

Happiest of Holidays from all of us at the Soulful Leader Podcast

The Great Uplift: 12 Days of Christmas

“This is not goal setting. It’s creating the space to receive the presents, to receive the gifts that your soul wants to leave you this year… and to be present to what’s coming.” ~Stephanie J. Allen

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