85: Leadership in 2023: Becoming the Remedy

Leadership is evolving.  Will you be ushering in the change?  Or will you watch from the sidelines hoping to catch up?  If you want to continue to be relevant, now is the time to shift. It is more important than ever to go inward, to take the inner journey. 

Self awareness is what is going to change, not only our businesses, but our relationships, our teams and our world. It is our responsibility to show up and commit to shifting from the inside out as leaders in this culture, at this time, on this planet. It is also our birthright. It’s what we came to do.

Join us for this powerful episode that invites each of us to take our place and become the remedy our world is calling us to be.

  • 00:42 Best of 2022 and the Inhale and Exhale
  • 06:49 leadership, giving to give and a congruent life (What’s the value for a leader to even start to look at the inner game?)
  • 09:13 Drama Triangle – victim, violator, rescuer & work life balance
  • 14:37 How do we get off the merry go round? (Harnessing the teenager’s life force and energy)
  • 19:21 Beyond the analytical mind
  • 24:18 going into the unknown, presence
  • 28:39 getting past blame and shame
  • 32:00 Becoming the Remedy

Maren mentions The Inner Game of Business, the book she was referencing was Busting Loose from the Business Game

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