92: The New Business & Sales Narrative

What do mythic stories have to do with business? EVERYTHING

Today’s podcast is unique and enlightening. Maren & Stephanie apply the King Authur tale of the Loathsome Hag directly to business, selling, and to  life. If you are tired of the old way of doing sales, you will love today’s episode. This is an episode to share with your entire sales team!

“So make it about caring and connecting, that truly is the inner feminine. That’s the path of least resistance.” – Stephanie Allen

  • 00:42 Sales, business and the Divine Feminine
  • 05:51 the key to better quality questions, and better sales
  • 08:42 service, Sir Gawain and the Loathsome Hag elevate business
  • 12:12 changing the face of business and our lives
  • 16:11 the wasted energy of pushing


Erin Marcus’ website: ConquerYourBusiness.com

Last Week’s Podcast: Ep 91 Finding the Keys in the Darkness: Empowering the Inner Feminine

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