93: Claiming Your Abundance

Are you tired of fixing, forcing and figuring?

Our society does not teach us how to either know ourselves OR how to sit with a question. Instead, it has us all believing that answers are paramount and preys on conditioned wants and created needs. It’s painful, AND there are other options.

This week Stephanie and Maren dive into how the 3 F’s (fixing, forcing and figuring) cut us off from our natural abundance. They don’t leave it there, they show how connecting to your own heart and being present to the wonder of the question opens the abundance flood gates! 

  • 00:42 what if you don’t know your why?
  • 08:39 intuition myths
  • 13:07 what is transrational and why does it matter
  • 18:50 staying in wonder
  • 22:30 that’s called abundance

“Fixing, forcing and figuring. If you can let those go, then you open up space to have capacity to be present to what wants to happen.” – Stephanie Allen

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