95: Joy and Leadership

Joy and fun are the same thing, right? 

They seem completely interchangeable as words in the English language, and yet there is a huge distinction. As Stephanie shares in this week’s podcast, “Fun is a state of the ego. Joy is the state of the soul.”


This is such a key for Soulful Leaders. Leadership bestowed from a title (CEO, Manager, etc), may not care, but the leadership that is born and grows within each of us is greatly impacted by the distinction.


This is a joy-filled episode and, as is so often the case, Stephanie weaves a story from her own life that will have you laughing, crying and looking within to challenge your assumptions – both in life and in leadership.


Join Maren and Stephanie as they joyfully explore the surface of fun and the depths of joy. Be sure to listen to the end where they share their “Joy Practice”.

  • 00:42 More Joy or more fun
  • 04:32 It’s more than semantics
  • 06:31 Joy, fun and work
  • 10:00 Joy & resiliency & connecting deeply within
  • 16:25 Identifying as a green Honda
  • 22:30 It was in the wrong outer environment because I was in the wrong inner environment.
  • 25:11 The Joy Practice


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