96: The Freedom to Choose

Why is it so hard to get the things we say we want?

Because we create our world out of our habits – our ingrained habits. There’s a part of us that wants something different from what we say -and that part is the one that’s driving. We are not making our own choices – our choices are being made for us, like the auto-fill on our phones.

Today, Stephanie and Maren dissect Maren’s journey to change the auto-fill that is happening in her life. This episode is one to bookmark and listen to again and again. There are so many keys revealed and layers peeled back that it’s not only informative, but inspiring and empowering.

  • 00:42 All or Nothing Thinking
  • 05:55 Separating Yourself from Your Thoughts
  • 15:39 Creativity requires space
  • 20:31 there’s nothing to fix, you’re not broken, you’re being called to a higher state
  • 31:00 The space for potential and possibility

“I choose to love me more than I choose to not like you. And because I choose that, I’m sending a message to every cell in my body, every cell in the universe, every living being: she values herself more than she doesn’t like other people.” ~ Maren Oslac



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