82: The Power of Changing One Thing

How you do one thing is how you do everything and bringing this awareness into your new year affords opportunities you might never have seen before. This theme winds its way through all parts of today’s podcast taking you to a new place for the year to come.

Maren and Stephanie share stories about lights, beginnings and endings and up-leveling standards to become the person you want to be. They also share what they look for in a mentor/coach AND the practices they use to step-up in their own lives.

Are you ready to step-up your life in 2023?

  • 00:41 Taking advantage of the opportunities of the new year
  • 05:36 Allowing the goodness in our lives, how do we stop pushing it away

My ability to receive love directly correlates to the ability of myself to be able to give myself love, and to also let it in and trust it. – Stephanie Allen

  • 08:31 Enlightenment through a string of lights
  • 19:02 Setting up a supportive day
  • 19:50 Three Times Rule -standing for yourself
  • 27:18 You hit your head when you try to dive deeply in the shallow end
  • 28:20 finding a mentor and creating a practice

    We invite you all to say yes to this year, and its unfoldment in the deepest way possible for you.


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