102: Unrequited Longing

You’ve worked, created, done all the things,, and the results you want still elude you? Or at least it feels that way. What’s the internal dialog that happens? This ‘inner chat’ is often one of the most detrimental things we do to ourselves as leaders.

If you’re ready to do it differently, today’s podcast you’ll learn a 3 step process to change the inner dialog so you can shift the outer reality. Stephanie and Maren share personal examples of unmet longings from their own lives, their challenges, their angst and what they’ve done to transcend the old stories to truly embrace the thing that is calling them.

A practical and powerful episode filled with honesty and possibility.

  • 00:41 That one elusive thing
  • 03:30 We’ve done all the work and still feel it’s not enough
  • 07:59 We must be frauds, imposter syndrome
  • 09:25 We can’t do it alone, actually, we’re not supposed to
  • 11:28 Doing our own practices, my heart doesn’t speak in full sentences
  • 14:16 What’s beyond the push of success? There’s a part of you that wants to do it differently.
  • 18:17 Conflict as an act of love
  • 22:48 Spiraling stories – you choose: upwards or downwards
  • 29:35 The three keys to shift it all: belief, community & practice
  • 42:39 Two versions of practice

“Whatever we’re longing for is also longing for us, when do we finally get to meet?” – Stephanie Allen



Ep 97 Living Your Question

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