104: Right Timing for YOU

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”― Lao Tzu

That’s not us. We rush about from here to there, setting goals and making things happen in our lives. And then we find ourselves exhausted, crabby, hurting (mentally, physically and emotionally) and needing a break. And that’s the best case scenario. If we don’t make something happen in the time we planned – we beat ourselves up, assume we’ve done something wrong, cram MORE into our lives and live with an inner critic telling us all the reasons we’re not good enough.

What if we took a page out of nature’s book and started to pay attention to our personal timing? If you’re in the right place, doing all the right things, at the wrong time – it’s like pushing a boulder uphill, it either flattens you or wipes you out. It’s not you – you’re just out of sync with life’s timing for you because no one taught you there was such a thing.

So how do you know/find your timing? How do you get into flow with what (and when) life wants to happen for you?

That’s exactly what Maren & Stephanie discuss in today’s podcast. They will have you thinking differently about your life, your goals and especially about manifestation. They share several great stories as well as how they personally get in sync with life’s timing so they’re in flow, instead of fighting life.

There’s a lot of great wisdom packed into this short thirty minutes.

  • 00:41 Planting at the wrong time doesn’t get you a head start
  • 05:14 Procrastination, or right timing, telling the truth, claiming excuses
  • 07:47 How do you know? Intuition vs Inner Knowing
  • 12:03 $2000 experiment: let go of the concrete past, allow the possibility of the future
  • 17:18 You’re not doing anything wrong, you’re timing is off
  • 23:39 Projecting and FOMO



The Magic of Tiny Business by Sharon Rowe

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