108: Beyond Manifesting – the Real Power of Inner Leadership

“My whole life looks pretty dang good. Why do I still feel like shit?” 

Have you ever felt like that?

What if the answer was not about manifesting MORE in your life? Achieving “next”.  What if we are given our dreams, our desires and our wants  so that we keep diving deeper and deeper and deeper and start to awaken? What if there’s that one thing in your life that you can’t quite manifest because you’re meant to go within and meet yourself?

On a spiritual path, it’s not what you do in the outer world that changes you, that makes the real impact, it’s what you do on the inside. When you go deep within and meet your ‘itty bitty shitty committee’ and your ‘should of, would of, could of, ought to’s’, your shadow pieces, you are actually becoming a remedy, an absolute antidote for the world. That is real impact.

When you do that work, you show up differently, your behavior is different, your choices are different, your thoughts are different – and the ripple effect is exponential. When you do that work, you are a soulful leader.

  • 00:41 the carrot of ‘scale it up’
  • 03:35 conversations you’re avoiding – external and internal
  • 09:17 your conversation with life, becoming the antidote
  • 13:20 manifestation as a spiritual tool, we have more than enough
  • 15:58 living a different story, one size doesn’t fit all – your formula is completely unique

“Your thread may feel very insignificant, because you’re just one thread out of millions. But if your one thread were missing, it would leave a hole in humanity.” ~ Stephanie


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