109: Shadow in Leadership

What is “shadow” in leadership and why is it important?

Anything that we don’t embrace, anything we shove into the corners of our minds and our lives, becomes our shadow. So the shadow part of leadership is really the shadow in ourselves, because when we don’t look inside, we put it outside on the people around us. That’s the what.

Why it’s important – because our shadow is the one who is really running the show.

We know that our shadow shows up when we are triggered, fired up. Most often a binary response happens, ‘fight or flight’, involuntarily. We suddenly want to dive in and fix it, and force it and control it and manipulate it. Or we say, ‘I’m not dealing with that’ and go into denial. It’s actually a non-choice because we are no longer in charge, our shadow is making the call.

Today’s podcast is all about how, as soulful leaders, we can start to bring more awareness to our internal process so that we can respond from a place of wholeness, instead of lack.

Maren & Stephanie share how what we see in the world is the mirror. It’s the very path to developing our internal soulful leader. How do we come to have counsel inside ourselves, not giving it away to our shadow? By developing the practices and processes to really presence our inner leader.

Leadership is not the same old same old. There is a new normal. If you are ready to create from the front of the wave instead of being recycled from the crash, grab your surfboard, it’s time to surf.

  • 01:11  I ran right into a brick wall of leadership issues
  • 04:14  yes, I want that gift
  • 09:01  the power of practice
  • 12:55  Will: Willfulness or Willingness
  • 15:29  Going from ‘at any cost’ to building trust
  • 20:00  If you don’t take time for yourself now, there won’t be a you in two years time


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